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TVLowCost was first launched in Paris in October 2004 by Jean-Paul TREGUER, CEO International and Rodolphe MULLER, General Manager and Creative Director France. Our network is now in 9 countries and our international extension continues…

We are 100% independent. We belong exclusively to our managers, a rather unusual situation in the advertising industry where 85% of the ad agencies in the world belong to 5 global groups! We start in every country “from scratch” with senior partners who are tired by the “high cost” advertising agencies and have decided to start our branch in their country.

Since the first day, TVLowCost success has been immediate and tremendous, with hundreds of companies who have expressed high interest in this revolutionary approach.

TVLC International already handles 130 clients and has produced over 900 TV commercials since then. In this moment, our network creates more than 200 new commercials per year.

Currently, the network is represented by 9 subsidiaries all over the world : FRANCE, BELGIUM, ITALY, GERMANY, UK, SWEDEN, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND and employs a little more than 200 people.
Our revenue is around 35 Million Euros by end of 2010. Our philosophy can be summarized by this simple mission: offer to the advertisers everywhere to GET MORE FOR LESS !


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